Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tim Horton's Chill to Win contest is a hoax

It's not that I'm griping simply because I've entered this "contest" 89 times (to date) and still haven't won a single thing (which, honestly, does annoy me) but there are millions of others who've entered numerous times and haven't won anything either.

In the winter, Timmies (as Canadian's affectionately call it) runs a Roll-Up the Rim to Win contest. It's exactly how it sounds. You roll up the rim of your coffee cup, it tells you if you've won, what you've won, or to please try again. Very straight-forward, no bs.

Chill to Win has tabs that you pull off the cups with PIN codes printed on them, which you enter online after registering and/or logging into their website. I've asked the company (on their Contact Us form) why-if they can print PINs on the tab-can't they simply print "Please try again" or "You've won a free iced capp", rather than waste customers time? Honestly, logging on and typing in 89 PIN codes for literally nothing IS a waste of time. I've even called them out on three seperate occassions, blatantly stating "Your contest is a hoax!" They skirt around my logic, ignore my call-on-bs, and wish me luck in their contest. Typical.

Unrelated, I am sick of being unable to find their delicious chocolate danishes at most locations, though their horribly unappealing maple pecan danishes are pretty much everywhere. I commented on that to them as well and am awaiting a reply.

Maple nut danish. Looks disgusting and nuts hurt my teeth. These are found everywhere! (Yuck!)

Chocolate danish. Delicious and does not hurt teeth, yet SO hard to find!

Update June 7th 2013: I finally received a reply to my third disgruntled message to Tim Hortons, and I also found a third (what's with all the three's?) location that sells the chocolate danishes. Except, there is an inconsistency with their chocolate danish at this particular Tim's.

The email I received was the typical "smooth over" speak. I wonder if that type of talk ever actually works with anybody.

Thank you for emailing us at Tim Hortons Head Office in regards to our Chill to Win promotion.
I assure you that our contest is random and fair and there have been winners at this game. We always appreciate hearing feedback from valued guests such as yourself, however, we are sorry to hear your unfortunate experience about our promotion.
Service and quality have always been extremely important parts of our business and I can assure you, we always strive to put our guests first. For this reason, we greatly appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.
My response to them was just as blunt as everything else I've written them.

If it's random and fair, then how is it I've now entered 109 PINs and still not won a single thing? Roll Up the Rim doesn't make people waste time with PINs-and it gives out more prizes. Here's some other feedback on your Chill to Win from people on the internet:

The people saying they won are few and far in between. Yes, this "contest" is supposedly for fun, but it's not so fun when regardless of what your head office dictates its employees state: The proof is in the pudding that this "contest" isn't what your company claims it is. 109 entries. One hundred and nine. That is more than the fictional dalmations. If this was Roll Up the Rim, I'd have at least gotten ONE free donut by now.

If you guys DO do this jerk "contest" again next year, skip the PIN bs and just print "please try again" or "you won ___" on the labels-you obviously have the ability to do so. And give out more winners, even small things like a free donut or a small frozen beverage appease the masses. You should know this-you guys created the successful Roll Up The Rim. Instant gratification combined with small prizes equals happy patrons. It's simple mathematics. Maybe *I* should be working in Head Office.

As for the chocolate danish? It did not have the appetizing, non-teeth-hurty drizzle. It had sprinkles. Sprinkles! It looked like shit, felt weird on the teeth, was messier than usual, and wtf....sprinkles?! You're a chain restaurant, Tim Horton's, show some consistency and get your shit together! My God, I really should be in Head Office!!!

It looks like a bunch of flies are pooping on it


  1. 99 entries now-STILL nothing, and still no reply from Timmies on my 3rd complaint to them stating their "contest" is a hoax. I have over 10 more PINs to enter, but they only allow 10 a day. (My family has been giving me their PINs because, like most people, they can't be bothered to enter themselves.)

  2. Over 110 entries and STILL nothing. WTF? Yeah, "fair and random" my ass Tim Hortons! If this was Roll Up, I'd have at least gotten one free donut or something by now

  3. I had great luck. :) I won 10G's

  4. you clearly drink far too many ice caps

  5. Entered about 9 pins, was selected as a $1,000 daily winner. I received a $1,000 check from Tim Hortons/millenium promotions (contest group sponsor). I believe I'll have to pay the tax this income tax season.

  6. true enough have purchased about 500 and never won a thing , thirsty in p.e.i.