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Friday, 19 July 2013

Cory Monteith's so-called overdose

Yeah, I figured they'd write off Cory Monteith as ODing on drugs and alcohol, it doesn't surprise me. But WOW, going from "Answers could take 6-8 weeks"  to declaring on Monday "He died from a mixture of heroin and alcohol." is rather extreme. Considering he went to "rehab" a few months ago, the general public swallow the news easily.

This is an evil act repeated again and again, killing off celebrities and telling the world "It was an overdose" or "S/he was killed in an accident."

A few comments on YouTube conspiracy videos point out facts I was unaware of, which brings me back to my blood sacrifice theory mentioned in my first post on this subject.

(I left the comments exactly as they were, word for word. Except for Lea's name, which I put in [ ]'s)

anamarieus wrote: I find it interesting that Jane Lynch is debuting on a new game show and Rachel [Lea Michele] is starring in the wizard of oz. He was fucking sacrificed for their own glee. Their own illuminati happiness.

Yelina Bueno wrote: Yeah, and he died the next day the movie Pacific rim came out July 12 2013. And what a coincidence that the hotel that he's body was found is Pacific rim hotel.

This guys video is kinda boring, but is true
In some areas the girl is reaching, but on the right track   

So. Lea Michele/Rachel's in yet another Oz movie, huh? How many Oz movies are there anyway? Including three in production, 60. I'm sure They won't be satisfied until it's 66 or 69. After looking at Lea's movie, it looks pretty bland and bound to flop. Jane's over-hyped Hollywood Game Night also looks cheesy and like they're trying too hard. It also appears as though there was a lot of money invested into the game show. Perhaps Lea really did choose fame and wealth over love, maybe she and Jane really did sacrifice him for their own Glee once they realized their other endeavours weren't looking so hot. On June 5th 2013 Lea Michele revealed via Twitter that her debut solo album is almost done. The day before that, she posted an image with a prophetic pillow that states "Well-behaved women rarely make history"
Also, nobody questions that Cory was cremated so quickly. This is so his body can never be exhumed. There's always somebody who, years later, demands the body be exhumed and things be re-examined. The general populace would merely write me off as paranoid, yammering on about how their loved on was cremated quickly...and yes, that does happen, however there is something more to Cory's death than what we're being told.

Vigilant Citizen sums it up best in part 2 of their article on The Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Messages In Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut:

To those “in the know”, the article perfectly describes the life of an entertainment industry Beta Programming slave (i.e. Marilyn Monroe). We indeed learn that Amanda was “emotionally troubled” as a teen and underwent “treatments” (a code word for MK Programming perhaps?), she had “important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds”, and she had an “affair” with a powerful fashion designer who got “wowed by her private, seductive solo performances” (typical behavior of a Beta Kitten). What the article however conveniently doesn’t mention is that she was selling her body to elite people and being used in their occult rituals.
As it is the case for Beta Kittens who’ve gone “rogue”, she was eliminated by the people who controlled her life. The article states that she was last seen being escorted to her hotel room by two men and that she was “giggling” (drugged and dissociated?). Like “real life” elite sacrifices, “overdose” is cited as the cause of her death.

Autopsy, Toxicology Completed
Overdosed on Heroin and Alcohol
Dorothy of Oz
Hollywood Game Night

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Unplanned Unveilings: Beyonce and Sailor Moon

The person with whom I co-habitate watches a lot of The Nostalgia Critic. I'm not a big fan, but of all the "shows" my room-mate likes on YouTube, its the one I can most tolerate. For those unfamiliar with The Nostalgia Critic (also known as That Guy With the Glasses), he reviews old movies and TV shows. It's rare he has anything positive to say. His earlier works are better, as his reviews over the recent years have become too over-the-top. He now reminds me of Monty Python; sometimes clever, but usually telling the audience "You guys are fucking idiots for watching." In fact, The Nostalgia Critic often directly insults his audience, other times he insults them by repeating the same "joke" in different reviews...such as when he says "Elephant" the Burger King appears amid angelic music, or he hates a movie so much that he tries to kill himself, or he hates a movies bad jokes so much that he laughs loudly and maniacally as he goes on a bizarre rampage or spree. In fact, he used to be funny, now he comes across as nothing more than a loud obnoxious egotistical self-indulgent ass. He would probably claim "Its what my viewers want." He did "retire" the Critic persona in 2012, but brought him back in February 2013.
Anyways, while being semi-subjected to the pompousness that is The Nostalgia Critic reviewing The Last Action Hero, I recognized an outfit famously worn (years after the movie) by Beyonce. Not the first time her Sasha Fierce alter has worn costumes from older movies.
They've got the pentagram and everything
Her famous 2007 robot costume, taken 80 years later straight from the 1927 film Metropolis. In a YouTube video, inappropriately named Reptilians and the Music Industry 2013 (he never once talks about aliens, only satanism) he points out at 34:35 just how planned and symbolic her wearing this suit really is. In Metropolis, a woman named Maria is kidnapped then an evil scientist/doctor (sometimes they seem the same, particularly in films of old) does some Frankenstein-esque body-switching with her and the robot...something to that extent, anyway. The robot  appears to "become" Maria and is made to dance in a nightclub, where her dancing hypnotizes the men. As buddy in the video says "[Beyonce] is doing the same thing that the robot in the movie does!" 
You can skip to 34:35 to see clips from Metropolis

As for The Last Action Hero and The Nostalgia Critic?
You don't even need to watch. This was at "a fashion show" within the 1993 movie. 15 years later, a year after the Maria suit, Beyonce wears the same thing. Nobody seems to have made the connection...until now. Although VC remarked that this suit was also worn in some George Michael video. Most videos of his that I can recall had very little clothing worn, or I confuse them with Weird Al parodies. (Aww, the generation that was brainwashed by a curly haired man with glasses that had a penchant for Hawaiin shirts! We can't even listen to certain songs without hearing Al.)

In 2008, there was a contest to become The Nostalgia Chick. The same year Beyonce wore her Last Action Baphomet suit. One of the runners up, who called herself That Chick with the Goggles, did a brief review on Sailor Moon. Being as I, too, grew up on Sailor Moon, had to watch. I never noticed before, but nearly all of the characters frequently flash the devil horns.
Another one they love to flash is the V sign, which Japanese artists always seem to stick near the eye, which has caught on among both the Japanese public as well as anime fans world-wide. They also seem to do a lot of this 3-V thing, as you'll see below.
A 3-V. 3 fingers, one V, one eye. A lot of symbolism. Not always done beside the eye, as you'll see

Anime characters also love to wink. Sailor Venus was especially fond of it.

They didn't stop the symbolism with their live-action show in Japan, either

I could, and should write an entire article on Sailor Moon. Not so much Beyonce as she's been covered time and again by writers both far greater, and some far worse, than yours truly. Sailor Moon was supposed to make a comeback this year, though its been pushed back now to 2014 or 2015. It'll be interesting to see what they do with it. I know when it came back from hiatus (after execs at Dic freaked out "OMG!!! The lesbians are now coming into the plot!! What do we DO?! Parents won't like this!") the english-dubbed show was destroyed. They replaced good voice-actors with people who should be punched in the throat for "voice acting" at all, they made the lesbian couple-who's relationship was very subtle in Japan-into cousins. Who the hell dedicates a half hour speaking in a husky voice about their cousin?! "I remember when I met Michelle..." Yeah, incest is so much better than lesbian love! To top it all off, the show was now such crap (not that the original English version was ever that great the first time around, but I liked it when I was young)  that I couldn't even watch the character I most anticipated: Sailor Saturn, who had the most interesting story and character arc out of them all. She was even more powerful, period, than all the scouts-including Sailor Moon. Fuck your intolerable voice actresses and incestuous lesbians! Good God, I've heard boys in puberty that sounded better than their replacement Serena! You can compare the three different voice actors they used for Serena here. The fourth one is who they used for singing vocals. The third one should have never been hired! She pretty much single-handedly destroyed the show every time she opened her mouth to speak-which, playing the lead character, was often. She wasn't the only bad voice actor, though. But I'm not writing the actual post...yet!

Vigilant Citizen-Beyonce to Sasha Fierce

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cory Monteith and Glee...ritual sacrifice?

Originally I'd planned to do a post on The Last Unicorn today, though a text message from my mom changed everything. "Cory Monteith died." My mom is the one who got me into the show, and I ended up buying the first three seasons on DVD. (I don't think season 4 is available to buy just yet.) I had so many questions "How did this happen?" "Why him?" "Was he another sacrifice?" "Why would they do this to Glee?" and suspicions as I tried to digest the news. As I searched for answers, I only ended up with more questions "Why was he alone in Vancouver?" "Where was Lea?" and more suspicions "This has to have been a sacrifice" "Lea loved him-he couldn't have been her blood sacrifice, could he?" For anyone who's been following-or merely looking for answers-reports since Cory's death was announced, they've probably been finding the same (seemingly) useless information I found. I'd intended to do a Glee article months ago, exposing symbolism I was finding in the show. I did not expect, or want, my first Glee post to be one so morbid as this.
Very little about Cory's passing has been released to the public. He was due to book out of Vancouver's Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on Saturday July 13th. When he didn't, staff went up to check on him and, well...the rest you know. It is alleged that approximately an hour after notifying his family, police made a (now famous) statement to the public. Originally I did have a video to that, but once again YouTube decided to alter or remove it. However, there's an article here that also features the video.

"There were others with Mr. Monteith in his room earlier (Friday) night, but video and fob key entries (keyless entry unit) show him returning to his room by himself in the early morning hours and we believe he was alone when he died. When he missed his check-out time, staff went to the room at noon and found his body."

In March 2013, Cory checked into rehab "for drug and alcohol" issues. As VC often points out on their site, "Rehab" is not always what the public thinks it is. Remember that scene in Zoolander where he finds out he was at a day spa for a week? That's pretty much what it's like. (In fact, Zoolander pretty much lays it on the line exactly what The Industry is about. They only left out the "Luciferianism" aspect.) For celebrities, "rehab" often means re-programming. At the time of his going in for his second stint (more on that later) in rehab, Lea Michele told People magazine "I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this. I am grateful and proud he made this decision."

Cory, 3, with his brother Shaun, 7

Cory's parents split up when he was seven. From that point on, he and his brother were raised by their mom, Ann, in Victoria B.C. He was a bright young boy, by the age of five he was reading at a fourth-grade level, though by the time he hit high school (which he confessed he barely attended before he finally dropped out) he was "out of control." In a 2011 interview with Parade magazine, Cory opened up about his youth. He admitted he'd use "anything and everything, as much as possible. I had a serious problem." Finally his mom had enough, staged an intervention, and he went in for his first go-round with rehab at the age of 19. "I did the stint, but then went back to doing exactly what I left off doing." He eventually made the decision to get clean, though it's unclear if he made that decision on his own or if there was an outside influence who helped him make up his mind.

Cory was in his mid-20's when he got the call that the people from Glee liked his audition tape and wanted to meet him. He's said that he drove 20 hours from Vancouver to make that fateful meeting with FOX execs and show creator Ryan Murphy. He pulled over once in a parking lot to catch "maybe an hour" of sleep, stating that he cut it close. In the early days of Glee, the cast worked 7 days a week rehearsing dance numbers, songs, recording vocals, and of course, rehearsing their lines and scenes. It's busy work being a triple-threat. It paid off, big time! Their first season proved to be a smash success with well-written storylines and songs the cast often performed better than the original artists. The cast rapidly became famous, Finn and Rachel clearly the stars of the show, making Cory Monteith and Lea Michele the biggest names on the show. Well, other than Jane Lynch who plays TVs favourite villainess, Sue Sylvester, and Matthew Morrison who plays the Gleeks crush-worthy teacher, Will Schuester a.k.a Mr. Schue.
The show became so popular, it spawned cd's from the show, broadway-type shows that went on tour (like High School Musical did), cd's from their live performances, and even released a Glee 3D concert video. Apparently audiences ate it up, because it just kept spawning shit. I believe there's even been kareoke video games. In fact, their popularity and commercialism rivalled that of Disney's High School Musical and possibly even replaced HSM. There were Glee notebooks, Glee bedding (including pillows. Not just pillow cases, no, pillows), Glee towels, Glee clothes...heck, if you'd seen HSM on it, Glee did it too. Such a sudden sky-rocket to fame and popularity was no doubt unexpected, welcome yet overwhelming and scary for some of the young stars. Especially a humble, awkward Canadian who'd been trying to break into the business for years. Now he was thrust into the spotlight playing a teenager. The fact that the majority of the actors on the show are playing teens yet they've done very sexual photoshoots promoting that show is disturbing.

                                           You can totally tell that Cory loved doing this shoot!

As each season went on, more and more symbolism became...well, I can't really say "prevalent" because it wasn't exactly In Your was there, though. In the background, usually hanging on a wall behind an actor, or chosen with the song selections, or theme of the episode. In a picture released for The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Cory is doing the one eye thing. It's like they couldn't put enough emphasis on that eye.

The following are pictures taken from Comic Con, not only are the pictures behind them symbolic, but Cory is also emphasizing one eye-then the other-with his eyebrow lift. Was he just having fun with his cast-mates (they all seem to be amused), or was there something more to it?

I have a hard time believing Cory was fully involved in anything too corrupt. I find it more plausible that perhaps he was having difficulty seperating Glee from reality. On the show, Finn and Rachel are an item. Even when Finn and Rachel aren't dating and are seeing other people, it's clear that Finn and Rachel are meant to be with eachother. In reality, Cory and Lea were dating. Even before they were dating, it was clear there was serious heat between them. Just look at the racy GQ shots. There just wasn't that same steamy connection between Cory and Dianna Agron (the blond who plays Quinn Fabray.) As triple-threats shooting a tv series that consists of "hour" long episodes (minus commercials, they're actually anywhere from 40-45 minutes long) rehearsals don't just involve rehearsing lines...they also have to practise dance moves, rehearse songs, record vocals, and yes, the typical rehearsal stuff too. When working, the Glee actors must spend more time at the studio than they do outside of it, living their own lives, which means they spend more time being somebody else. It'd be very easy for Finn Hudson to start taking over Cory Monteith even outside of work because the line separating the two would already be cloudy and indistinguishable. Perhaps some would say "That's an insult to his acting ability." To those people, I say "Spend 18 hours a day being somebody else-do that a minimum of 5 days a week for a month or two. After spending more time being this alternate persona than you've spent being yourself, get back to me."
Finn and Rachel, or Cory and Lea?

Not long before his unfortunate passing, Cory and Lea attended the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 8th, a non-profit organization that claims they want to help the homeless and those with low-incomes. Cory said he was proud to be there, stating that before he got lucky with Glee that he was at-risk of becoming homeless himself. This turned out to be his last public outing with his girlfriend. The name of the ball is fairly indicative of something more going on than meets the eye.

During the last season of Glee, there were a lot of new characters-and therefore storylines-being introduced, as many of the original cast graduated (after all, it does take place in high school) and new kids were just starting -or transferring from other- high school(s). A lot of the newer cast members seemed to be re-works of the original cast. You got your big black "girl" Unique (who's transgendered) replacing Mercedes, you got the bitchy blond cheerleader Kitty replacing Quinn, dark haired and shy ingenue named Marley who takes center stage throwing a twist on dark haired egotistical Rachel, Puck's half-brother that sounds like Kermit the Frog when he sings, and then there's the one they had trouble finding. Ryder. The sweet, cute, and not-the-brightest football player who gets dragged not-all-willingly into Glee. He's the new Finn.
Ryder, putting on the crown

Tina, with bitchy Kitty barely visible behind her, Ryder, Puck's half-brother, Marley, and familiar Artie (both Tina and Artie are finishing up their last year of high school, along with Brittany who had to re-do her final year)

Fresh-faced Marley. The meanest thing Sue could say about her was "...with your pretty face and your kind eyes..." in a disgusted tone

Unique. Or is it Uneek?

Kitty, who definitely has claws and is meaner (but funnier) than Quinn ever was. Kitty may represent Sex Kitten programming (and cheerleader fantasies), but she's not as slutty as she acts

It's understandable that Glee would have to introduce new characters, that they didn't want to stray too far from a formula that already proved effective. If they weren't scared of change, why didn't Sugar Motta or Joe end up being more relevent characters? Sugar most certainly had a strong introduction to the show, with her Aspergers and apparent tone-deafness. Joe almost had a thing with Quinn. Both Joe and Sugar joined the cast in season three...then were pushed to the background. I'm sure even the actors playing them wonder why they're even there. 
Regardless, the formula that worked for the first few seasons with older cast-members wasn't working for the new characters. In the first few episodes with them, a lot of viewers kept watching because a lot of favourties were still on the show...nobody cared for the new kids. "Oh, they're re-vamping Rachel? Good luck with that! Really, a new Quinn? *eyeroll* Oh dear God....that's the new Finn? You can't replace Finn! He's one-of-a-kind!" I suppose the writers and producers realized they were barely hanging onto their audience, so they started pumping out ridiculous storylines for the new Gleekers fast, as well as throwing out equally stupid episodes. I mean really-they did a superhero episode! I'm guessing that didn't go over too well, because next thing you know the episodes finally stopped trying too hard and actually became good again. For the first time, Glee almost made me cry-a few times- with their controversial Shooting Star episode. 

A couple episodes later, Ryder (then Kitty) reveal they were molested when they were young. The guys in Glee don't understand how Ryder feels, telling him that he lived out their fantasies. Later, Kitty invites Ryder out and lets him know that she understands where he's coming from-and how.
Those two scenes right there are material that people can actually relate to. School shootings unfortunately happen a lot, and so does molestation. Both are terrible realities, and maybe seeing characters on television struggling with these issues can be helpful for some viewers. The storylines finally improved, it seemed the bumps had been smoothed out, and it actually seemed like Glee was better than ever. 
Then Cory/Finn died.
At first I agreed with many who were saying FOX should let the show die with Cory. Finchel was the backbone of the show, Finn was the heart of the show and was being groomed to one day take the place of Mr. Schue. Nobody will ever take his place, not even Ryder. Nobody can picture Rachel "clicking" with anybody the way she did with Finn. He beat up her (now ex) boyfriend and told him to "Stay away from my future wife!!!" That's how it was supposed to be. Finn and Rachel were going to get married. Eventually. Cory and Lea were going to as well. How can she go back to the set where they met and fell in love, knowing she'll never see him there again? I couldn't do it. But that show wouldn't be the same without Rachel Berry, either. She made Glee what it was and what it is. They really seemed like a perfect match, so in sync with eachother and clearly in love.

I can't help but settle on two theories with his senseless and untimely death. Keep in mind, these are just my THEORIES. The first one doesn't "feel as right" to me as the second one, though they may still tie in together. Looking at pictures and facts of programming all around him, combined with his recent stay in rehab, I think perhaps his mind may have been too strong for programming to stick. He came across as too down-to-earth to "fall into line" with the typical bs that comes with celebrity. Perhaps they couldn't get him to buckle down and fall under their thumb, but he knew too much, so "he had to go"

My other theory is ritual or blood sacrifice. Not one of the more commonly discussed dark-sides of the celebrity world (Luciferianism and MK Ultra get more discussion than sacrifice), but it still happens a lot. Especially with those who die young. James Gandolfini may have been a sacrifice, but it also really could have been a heart attack. Ryan Dunn from Jackass was most likely a sacrifice. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Aaliyah...they were all sacrifices. Kurt was a ritual blood sacrifice, most believe solely by Courtney Love...but I don't believe she could have pulled that off, at least not on her own. No, I believe Dave Grohl helped her with that one, or maybe he did it himself. Blood sacrifices are usually done (in the celebrity world) to gain more fame and wealth. Both Dave Grohl AND Courtney Love's fame and wealth sky-rocketed after Kurt's death. It's also been rumoured that the Foo Fighters (Dave's band after Nirvana) were using songs originally written by Kurt for Nirvana. 
I'm not sure who would have been heartless or fame-hungry enough to sacrifice Cory. Part of me keeps going back to Lea. Now that he's gone, she's the one getting all the attention with people feeling sympathetic towards her. Courtney most certainly seemed to love Kurt beyond words, just as Lea's love for Cory seems equally as strong. Courtney's never been able to hold onto a relationship since Kurt, will Lea suffer the same fate? Is Courtney unfairly and unjustly accused in taking part in Kurt's end? Are my suspicions of Lea just as unfounded? Why would anybody kill off the love of their life-or arrange for it-simply in exchange for greater fame and greater wealth? Is a life without your other half worth all the money in the world? If Lea didn't sacrifice Cory (seriously, where the hell was she when he died?) then who did-and why? 
FOX and Glee executives. It's not pure coincidence or simply sticking with what worked for them that they hired literal replacements of their original cast. Though I'm sure that was part of it. It also wasn't pure desperation to retain their viewing audience that they added deeper and darker storylines, though it helped. It was probably planned all along that they were going to eliminate one of the original cast members, they just weren't sure who. It's doubtful that they wanted to remove Cory or Lea from the show, being as their love story was the glue that held the show together for the past four seasons. Maybe they were hoping to pick off one who wouldn't be as missed. Behind the scenes, who knows what went down or how they make their decisions? I'm merely theorizing, trying to make sense of this mess. As I said earlier, maybe he had too strong a mind for their liking and they decided he had to go. Maybe they believed that having someone who was an integral part of the cast die in real life would bolster ratings when they finally come back on air. They already proved with Shooting Star and Lights Out that the show can survive without him. Business is cold. Business has no heart. Business says viewers will be more curious than ever to see how Rachel's going to cope without Finn, and that equals ratings which results in more money for them.
...and Lea's star is probably going to rise higher than it ever was in the sky. Maybe she'll pour her heartbreak into song and create an epic masterpiece, listeners will cry as she sings out her sorrow-they'll be especially won over if they can hear her tears as she sings (everybody loves the emotion). You can hear Dolly Parton's tears at the end of I Will Always Love me, the raw emotion from Dolly makes the song 1000 times better than when Whitney sang it. Which is interesting, cuz I Will Always Love You would be a great song for Lea/Rachel to dedicate to Cory/Finn...even if she cried through it.

Many of the pics were taken from, who credits their sources at the bottom of each pic on their site. Others I found through Google.

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